Generations Behind Me

In my past are those people That stood ground Like no other. Generations of people Providing me the ability To either make the same mistakes Or to tread a different path. Sometimes I walked in their shoes Ignoring all of the nudging That goes with making Huge and sometimes irreversible Mistakes. Genealogy will give you... Continue Reading →

What If I Told You

What if I said to you That you are no better Than anyone on this planet; That no one person Has a greater value Than another?   What if I said to you The hooker on the street corner Is your sister? Or that the love of your life Is sat in a bar And... Continue Reading →

I Want To Know Who I Am

I walk on this path So hard to take Sometimes I’m the leaves Sometimes the rake. I want to run But I don’t know where Something abounds I feel so unaware. I want to taste the fresh sea Then climb some rocks Take pictures of follies Then put on some socks. I’d like to stand... Continue Reading →


I licked the rim of the chalice As he conquered then came. I realize most men do that the opposite way But that is actually quite lame.   I've cut a ribbon in two So we can take our pleasure in that Binding is a fortunate advantage Within the walls of this flat.   A... Continue Reading →

Looking Out For Number One

Did you finally have some fun that night? Did you finally get your way? Did you plant a seed inside a lie, And find someone who doesn't live so far away?   They had this beautiful plan He would enter the temple Then kiss a rose And I'd make him feel happy to be a... Continue Reading →


He puts his beautiful hand In the small of my back The other in the air For me to grab onto. We move around the dance floor There is nobody else there; Just he and I Dancing.   He has blinded me with light To the point I had to turn my head Close my... Continue Reading →


My skin is soft as leather It would feel perfectly upon yours.   Yesterday I cocked a gun Not really, I just like saying that word. I'm a little naughty around the edges But in a library can be a nerd.   I can be a nasty whore in your bed Then a lady with... Continue Reading →

Just A Tear

I'm just a tear Rolling down her cheek Lonely and searching For an end to your torment Of this woman That never hurt Anyone.   There are many of me Both in front and behind me. She wipes me away Like I mean nothing To her.   Yet she believes In her heart You mean... Continue Reading →

Oppositional Defiance

He taps on the table As if that is supposed to speed me up Or make me worry I'm taking to long To think about his stupid question That truly doesn't deserve a response. Humans think because they put up a sign It is some kind of authority Or contains some kind of authority Over... Continue Reading →

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