Very Basic Rules

A large room filled with bodies

Most of them talking

About whatever is important to them

Just then.

One by one we fall to grace;

Die by the sword

As we should

Because nobody likes someone

Raised in his image

That cannot seem to follow

Some very basic rules.

I drive too fast

Smoke too much

When things get bad

I don’t like touch.

I’ve judged a fool

Then took a drive

Forgotten hope

For which we strive.

Cleaned a clock

Took a trip

Ran too fast

Rode a ship.

Cried too long

Laughed too short

Found some salvation

In a dangerous court.

Sung a song

Till he was deaf

Ripped the heart out

Of an angry chef.

Begged for love

After he walked away

Nothing but being someone else

Would have gotten him to stay.

I’ve done too much

Cared too little

Then the mistake

Of always being in the middle.

I’ve taken too much

Then not quite enough

I’m standing tall

Just not quite so tough.


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