Oppositional Defiance

He taps on the table

As if that is supposed to speed me up

Or make me worry

I’m taking to long

To think about his stupid question

That truly doesn’t deserve a response.

Humans think because they put up a sign

It is some kind of authority

Or contains some kind of authority

Over all of us.


Found a nickle on the ground once

Then wondered if the IRS wanted a cut

Would I have to claim it as wages on my taxes?

Just in case, I threw it at a stranger

Then pointed my finger at someone else

When they turned around.


Your lights behind my multi colored car

Do nothing to me

But annoy.

Was there no other way

To keep order

Than to hand a man a gun

Then give him authority

To stop us from living our lives

Carrying on with the meaningless dribble

That seems to consume us in the lower class?


They tell me I cannot run in the hallway

So I run like hell every time I see the sign.

I’ve been told it is not socially acceptable

To pee on people’s cars

So it makes me want to do it so badly

I can hardly stand myself.


Defiance keeps me grounded

I don’t get lost in your ‘rules’

The way you do.

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