I licked the rim of the chalice

As he conquered then came.

I realize most men do that the opposite way

But that is actually quite lame.


I’ve cut a ribbon in two

So we can take our pleasure in that

Binding is a fortunate advantage

Within the walls of this flat.


A green powder gets us everywhere

Nowhere all at once

We wish today was the death of our pride

But it will literally take months.


A lowly servant am I to thee

Rescuing what I can of this temple

If I allow you to enter and entertain

Would you promise to not be gentle?


I faced a full moon with ecstasy

Then promised just a bit more.

I finally took the time to settle

After checking the score.


The sound of moaning coming from your room

While heat surrounds the flesh

Covered in sweat and spots of courage

We give everything that is left.


We both gnaw between crevices

While all our faculties fail

An ignorant truth is just on the phone

And I think he’s hot on our trail.


We’ll keep the child but release the spawn

In angry words said in haste

I’d like to say it mattered to me

But the spunk is meant to waste.


Hungry vultures eat the flesh

Of the one I truly wanted

Well, he wasn’t that great really

It was only his member that he flaunted.


Now I must pretend to grieve

So I can write to you no longer

Please take this chalice to remember me

May your passion grow stronger.



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