I Want To Know Who I Am

I walk on this path
So hard to take
Sometimes I’m the leaves
Sometimes the rake.

I want to run
But I don’t know where
Something abounds
I feel so unaware.

I want to taste the fresh sea
Then climb some rocks
Take pictures of follies
Then put on some socks.

I’d like to stand in the rain
Reading a great book
Have people walk by
Giving me a strange look.

Sometimes I get lost
So lost I don’t know where I am
Then grace finds me hiding
Like a frightened lamb.

Pulls me out of there with haste
Then wipes the tears away
Promises they will never leave
They are here to stay.

Trying to find the peace within me
I open the good works
Reading of God and all he has done
Forces took me far away
From where I was supposed to be
Life, it’s meaning and bitter core
Has always meant for me to be free.

Sins, I’ve had plenty of those
But was never far from the path
What is, and what was
Is only in my aftermath.

Shooting stars across the sky
Leads me in the direction of my heart
The situation abounds at first
But it gets off to a terrible start.

First I must cleanse myself
For the freedom I seek is gold
Then I must listen to God
And do as I am told.

When people say such bitter words
They hand to you with care
You must look diligently to your father
He will tell you not to care.

I want to know who I really am
Not what they say me to be
Am I the one that stole the rivers direction
Or the crashing of the sea?


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