That’s What Faith Can Do

It can make a mother believe
In her dying son
It can make a man with no legs
Believe he can run.

It will give a woman the courage
To try one more time
It will have a criminal admit
He did the crime.

Make a man interrupt a wedding
Because he wants to be her choice
Give a woman with a terrible past
A strong and powerful voice.

It makes a small child
Believe it can walk
Or a man that had throat cancer
Know that he’ll talk.

It will give you the courage
To try again tomorrow
It will reach into your heart
And remove all the sorrow.

Make a drunk sit down a bottle
Swear it off for life
Have a man finally after years and years
Find the loveliest wife.

Reach into your heart
Repair the damage done
Have everyone stop the race
To make sure this kid has won.

It can take in and comfort
When you are blue
Believe me friend
That’s what faith can do.


Most people believe the universe works against them

The rest of us have faith.

He woke me from my slumber to make sure I heard

His words:

“What is felt by the heart cannot be touched with the hands, hold to what is true.”


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