What If I Told You

What if I said to you

That you are no better

Than anyone on this planet;

That no one person

Has a greater value

Than another?


What if I said to you

The hooker on the street corner

Is your sister?

Or that the love of your life

Is sat in a bar

And you just missed her?

What if I told you

You are no better than

The drug addict

Trying desperately to quit?

Or the gay couple

Getting married

That promise to never split?

What if I said there is no race

Better than another?

No religion that gets it quite right

None of them truly love their brother.


There isn’t a saint

That at one time wasn’t a sinner

Nor a sinner

That doesn’t contain a saint.

There isn’t a voice we all can’t hear

Even if it is faint.


What if I told you

The second you gave up

Was the moment

That other person

Had a change of heart?

That when they turned around

And you were walking away

They knew you gave up on them

And had to make a fresh start?


What if I said to you

The person struggling with

Terrible mental illness

Is as valuable of a human being

As you are?

What if I told you

The child you lost that time

Is now a beautiful shining star?


What if I said to you

I’ve taken my breath now

Am no longer under the cloud

Of where he put me?

I stand firmly in the light

On very stable ground

And I’m ready

For you to love me.


Love everyone.

Don’t waste a minute of your life.

Feel with your hands,

But mostly with your heart.



Let someone you love go,

Because you will



Get that back.


What if I told you

Life isn’t measured

By what you have

But by what you give?


Words are just words… You give them meaning. Mean them.



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