Generations Behind Me

In my past are those people
That stood ground
Like no other.
Generations of people
Providing me the ability
To either make the same mistakes
Or to tread a different path.

Sometimes I walked in their shoes
Ignoring all of the nudging
That goes with making
Huge and sometimes irreversible

Genealogy will give you the blueprint
Of the footprints
Of your past.
Some of us
Care nothing of those people;
I am not one of them.

There is a king that lost his crown
Because he took a Catholic wife
A man so unsuited to where he was
He quietly took his life.

There is a doctor in my past
That was addicted to this drug
A woman so angry she was scorned
You should have seen the hole she dug.

A queen that gave a king two sons
But neither of them were his
A lady in waiting that never was
Simply because her name was Liz.

A bored chef that hated his job
So he drugged everyone at dinner.
A peaceful man they laid to rest
Was the worlds biggest sinner.

Their DNA courses through my veins
I cannot say I don’t relate
I’ve come to dinner exceptionally early
But typically, I am late.

I’m the river that was my mother
Flowing from here to there
Surrounding myself in beautiful silence
That takes me everywhere.

I have this dubious distinction for the truth
Because I grew up with a lie
Every time I tell the story
I nearly always cry.

I am the lion born in winter
They didn’t expect to live
A single woman with a gentle reminder
She’s got something good to give.

I can be a light for all those behind me
That seemed to fail at their task
I’ll walk the Earth telling the truth
Without wearing a bitter mask.


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