Breathe Me In

Feel the contours of my body Not with your hands But with your breath On my skin.   Breathe the scent of me Of my hair My mouth My breasts.   Touch me not with your body But with the air You borrow From me.

To Ruin A Woman

Like a young shark That for the first time Tastes blood. She bit into him When he yelled in pain She liked it.   Hidden within walls so thick Nary a sound could be heard through them. She loved this place of solitude Rarely came out of it.   One day the sun was so... Continue Reading →

There Are Places

Trees line a dirt road With the sun shining in front of us Darkness behind us. Why do we run back to the darkness? Why do we reference it to the sun That has no idea what we are talking about?   They've taken my mind Wrapped it around some bullshit They wanted to feed... Continue Reading →


A slime takes over a city They've licked from the underbelly Of the unfortunate And weak. The lion wanders around Looking for its next meal In the very young Or the slightly slower. He, like a shark out of water You would think he would pose no threat But he is dangerous to everyone. Shielded... Continue Reading →

Hold Me

Though the wind surrounds me; Even when I scream For you to stop.   Forces change the course of fate When we don't know how to deal. Sometimes I lose the fight I've won Because I've forgotten how to feel.   There is a story I was told once About a very angry man He... Continue Reading →

Here in the Rain

Stand with me Barren Alone Say nothing Not even a whisper. Let your eyes And your hands Say everything.   Let our bodies Dance to a rhythm Only you and I can hear.   Make no promises No demands Just stand here In the rain with me Until I figure out Whether I can give... Continue Reading →

I Swear

There are women in this world That would never cuss I'm not one of them. If you don't want a bitch Then don't be one.   Here I sit in stillness It keeps the demons at bay If you are a man, and not a boy Then let's not speak of play.   One forces... Continue Reading →

Give Up

An invisible piece of paper Sits on a table you cannot reach Just out of reach, he is Just out of touch with reality. He sees invisible products of your future Knows where you live But not the town.   Strangers sit uncomfortably At a table they cannot reach They talk about the ebb and... Continue Reading →

Unwanted Clown

He's a tragedy in life A victim of circumstances Even he won't admit to. Like an unpaid and unwanted clown In a circus nobody attends.   Just for fun we lost the riddle Because we didn't understand the tune Did they play it in E minor? Oh wait, it is only noon.   Scratch your... Continue Reading →

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