It Isn’t Walking Away

When you are force fed
So many lies
He has written between lines of truths
That it does your head in
To try to figure out
Through the years
Which part of your life
Was the truth
And which
Was a terrible lie he told you.

He’ll stomp the ground enough
To make a grand canyon
He’ll curse your name
To everyone that will hear him
But anyone with a brain
That has known him
Longer than a few minutes
Knows he is a liar.

Besides, who cares what he says?

It isn’t walking away..

When he steals your life away
Because he found a new game
One where he whispers on the phone to you
While carrying out liaisons
With anyone
Male or female
That will give him attention.

When you finally have had enough
Of him telling you how much you hurt him
When he is the one that walked away from you
He is the one that carried on with you
While pursuing others.

When you finally have your priorities in order
And know, really know
How much of a waste of time
He really was.

When you realize
All the terrible things
He had to tell people
For them to give him the advice they did.

When the words he said to you in anger
Cut you so deeply
You aren’t sure
If they will ever heal.

When the sound of his voice reminds you
Of why you have never
Wanted to fall in love.

When you realize you would rather rip off a limb
Than to be without him
Yet he does nothing
To show he wants to be with you.

It isn’t walking away
When he did it months ago
And you finally
Just today
Realized that.

When you delete his number from your phone
Get rid of everything he’s ever given you
Rip up the card where he wrote he wil love you forever
Block his phone number and email..
He will curse your name
For the rest of his life
Tell everyone it was all your fault
That you walked away from him
When he loved you.
The problem with this lie
Is he never loved you.

You can never regret loving someone, but you can regret believing them.

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