The Pain

The world bulges
As we continue to thrive
At the demise
Of everything.

It wasn’t the fall
From grace
That hurt.
It was everything I did
To me

Shame seals doors for us
As guilt cleans up the mess
We claim we are better off
Yet we cannot handle the stress.

We cling to the bag of chips we bought
With money that means nothing.
A simple touch on the forehead
Suddenly turns into something.

We become addicted to porn or booze
Then blame it on everyone around.
Peace comes in lieu of repentance
Yet honor cannot be found.

You can break a heart today
Then make it up tomorrow
But lives are over and bodies are found
And we are left with bitter sorrow.

Your words are so meaningless
Like the many grains of sands
YOU may not be the one holding the gun
But trust me, there is still blood on your hands.

The pain of everything lending to deal
Within the scope of what was wrong
She tried to be this independent woman
But inside, she just wasn’t that strong.

Sitting at the beach one day
She’d finally accepted the rod
The only thing that can save her now
Is hope… And God.

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