Embellish the Cause

Rain begins to hit a roof

The one directly over your head

You wonder quietly to yourself

Why doesn’t it hit me instead?


I’ve whispered words to you in darkness

They never saw the light

Once I mentioned the name you despise

But it didn’t turn into a fight.


In silence you can hear everything

If you only care to listen

That rain outside hitting your roof

Is on a very important mission.


While you stumble around in darkness

I see only the light

The cause, the embellishment

Nothing matters to me tonight.


Hungry for what is left of the world

Can I find a soft place to fall?

Maybe I’ll see his face in the reflection

Maybe tonight, he will call.


I keep pointing out the rain to you

Because you don’t understand the lesson

You people are so concerned with the disease

That the symptoms leave you guessing.


What if today I have nothing?

I’m just a pile of worthless skin?

Would you find you were encouraged by that

Or try to look deeper within?


Three times I said the same word

Three times it meant nothing.

Odd numbers, like people

Always tend to mean something.


There are so many on this planet

That we don’t understand their price

The cost of losing someone we love

Within what we think is the ultimate sacrifice.


Sharing pain one night in earnest

Reaching out to a heart that was true

Made me worry much less about the cost

Made the entire world less blue.


Both of us tired of dancing

To watch it turn into dust

Now we only dance with one another

Not from want, but because we must.


Tears not longer concern me

Nor the desire for the rain to fall

I quietly and intently read his words

And wait for the next phone call.




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