Unwanted Clown

He’s a tragedy in life

A victim of circumstances

Even he won’t admit to.

Like an unpaid and unwanted clown

In a circus nobody attends.


Just for fun we lost the riddle

Because we didn’t understand the tune

Did they play it in E minor?

Oh wait, it is only noon.


Scratch your head then bite your nails

And tell the world off for being sad.

One day he took all his medicine at once

Then got aggressively mad.


Where we see beauty he sees crime

He’s lost in the parable.

He snivels over loves he’s lost

And to hear him, it sounds terrible.


Sex always settles the game

When your scorecard is for losers

I went to a bar to find some drunk

But who would fuck those losers?


She stands at his bedroom door at night

To listen to his moans.

He wanted to play pentatonic scale

But the bitch had 8 tones.


This isn’t really a poem

It’s more of an allegory

Just wanted to slip out for a minute here

And tell you the rest of the story.


Hunger, but not for food

Lustful, but not for sex

He’d burn the candles at both ends

But he cannot get hold of his ex.


It’s a shame those bitches won’t call you back

When you act like their other child.

He had a taste of a wonderful love

So he made sure it was all defiled.


Maturity comes to men too late

When they are bald, fat, and unable

It takes a woman that knows what she wants

To find that particular man quite stable.


Sharpen your sword, dear sir

And never intend to flee

You better have a nice sharp one

The next time you decide to call me.



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