Give Up

An invisible piece of paper

Sits on a table you cannot reach

Just out of reach, he is

Just out of touch with reality.

He sees invisible products of your future

Knows where you live

But not the town.


Strangers sit uncomfortably

At a table they cannot reach

They talk about the ebb and flow

They know how to counsel

But only to one another.


When we met it was understood

Your heart would never be mine

It was given to someone that didn’t want it

So I should just give up.


Time ticks away seconds

That turn to minutes nearly instantly.

Hours tick by with no remorse

Yet we never yell and scream

That they wasted hours of our lives

It is only looking back on years

That we get angry.


I built this beautiful castle

That absolutely nobody can traverse

I can pretend they do

Can even make it seem as if I’ve left the door open

Or that they somehow crawled through the window

But I assure you

Nobody has entered.

A drawbridge keeps it closed tightly.

When you think you are in a room

It is a trick

Like an illusion

And only temporary.


Waves of anger rush through me

Not really settling anything

It just keeps me up at night


If people really understand me

Or they simply nod their heads in agreement

Then wonder what the hell I was talking about

Once I walk away.


Intelligent people do not go to the darkness

For clarity, strength, wisdom, courage

They go to the light.


Once my castle is properly fortified

I go out for a nice walk

I meet someone while I’m out

And he knows about my castle

He knows of my protection.


Perilous is a journey in which you find nothing

Every journey is perilous

Life is dangerous

When the end result

Is death.


Life, a beautiful lie

Death, the painful truth.


Little by little

He gets a glimpse

Past the drawbridge

Through the armor

Into a window

And he relishes in it.

He loves

All the little pieces

Of the princess

That had to hide herself

To protect herself.





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