I Swear

There are women in this world

That would never cuss

I’m not one of them.

If you don’t want a bitch

Then don’t be one.


Here I sit in stillness

It keeps the demons at bay

If you are a man, and not a boy

Then let’s not speak of play.


One forces the others hand

In a game nobody knew about.

If I were in that tedious relationship

I’d probably take another route.


You ever want to fuck someone

Then they begin to speak?

You change your mind instantly

All ‘faculties’ become weak.


Your ex calls you

In the middle of the night

Tells you they need a room

So you book the flight.


Remembering how he let the tramp

Say whatever she wanted

You cancel the flight on him

Leaving him rather daunted.


Now look, I’m not the visionary

I’m actually quite a bitch

Though in love with a charming man

I’d still throw your ass in a ditch.


He satisfies my demons

Gives me more love than I’ve ever known.

He is the rock you forgot you left in the lake

The longest you’ve ever thrown.


Words of wisdom don’t come from the wise

They come from those that have lived a crazy life.

We’ve struggled, fought, fucked up a lot

Been some assholes potential wife.


We’ve put up with being ignored

By a little boy that only speaks of lies

Crying by a drunken mother

Asking many, many “why’s”


The people that can help you the most

Are the broken ones of us all

We rise, carry along in life

Then suddenly, we fall.


Shoulders, we have them

With plenty of room to spare

We walk a path most wouldn’t

With nary a care.


Sentimental pieces sit on a shelf

You hold one in your hand

You’d like to know he loves you

Want to know where you stand.


You’ll be that trinket one day

Laid upon a shelf to forget

You think he’ll never forget you

But he forgets you’ve ever met.


Women with a powerful tongue

They seemingly don’t care

But a woman that truly loves will love forever

That, I swear.





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