A slime takes over a city

They’ve licked from the underbelly

Of the unfortunate

And weak.

The lion wanders around

Looking for its next meal

In the very young

Or the slightly slower.

He, like a shark out of water

You would think he would pose no threat

But he is dangerous to everyone.

Shielded from the ever present danger

In the form of a fire she cannot control

Even though she would tell you she is powerful like that

Fire has always consumed instead of tamed her.

Good thing she has a method

To her madness.

That within every relationship

There lies a story

Of where she fought them away

Yet they stayed

Just to leave.

In a yard strewn with leaves

Stands a woman

Willing to admit defeat.

She throws herself to her knees

Begging for something to come along

To stop the pain she endures

To stop the loneliness she feels every minute.

Comforting her is not an option;

She is tired of temporary

Tired of the ‘hard to get’

and ‘impossible to love.’

When she gets up

She turns around

And sees ‘him’

“But what if I am so broken, I cannot be repaired?” She asked

Blue eyes crying out to his..

He whispers to her “Then I’ll take you damaged.”

Thank you to GKE, that knows what to say, to make it all better.

He says “0000000000000000000001aaaa

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