Hold Me

Though the wind surrounds me;

Even when I scream

For you to stop.


Forces change the course of fate

When we don’t know how to deal.

Sometimes I lose the fight I’ve won

Because I’ve forgotten how to feel.


There is a story I was told once

About a very angry man

He had a dime for every time he lost

And he never had a plan.


Things went through him

Emotions, mostly dangerous

He had a taste of love one time

But it was completely superfluous.


I changed the time on all his clocks

So he thought he had plenty

Woke him from a tender sleep

He was all but a bit grunty.


I thought for a moment I wanted him

But then I thought against it.

Because of my challenge to dance in the rain

And he would rather sit.


I would have given hope another chance

He would never have tried

There were no tears at the loss of him

Neither of us cried.


Years later he may think of me

All the laughs we had

Maybe he’ll think of the night we touched

Maybe he’ll feel like a cad.


While I’ve moved on and found true love

He’ll be lost in the darkness of hate

Tenderly, yet bitterly

I guess he thought I would wait.


The story ends in the middle

Where a new chapter he could not start

Waiting for an imperfect storm

Then wanting seas to part.


Just wanting a moment of peace

Without anyone wanting to flee

A moment of temporary madness

I just want you to hold me.


child abuse



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