To Ruin A Woman

Like a young shark

That for the first time

Tastes blood.

She bit into him

When he yelled in pain

She liked it.


Hidden within walls so thick

Nary a sound could be heard through them.

She loved this place of solitude

Rarely came out of it.


One day the sun was so magnificient

She wanted to go out and feel it

Honestly, she just wanted to feel something;

The grass under her feet

Sun on her face

Dirt in her hand

Smell the fresh clean air.


Once she went out she felt safe to do it

So she did, again and again.

Until one day she met a man

He was kind to her

Didn’t fault her for living in such a place

Or mention her naivety to life

He failed to mention he loved another

Until he had already gotten her heart

Safely in his hands.


They sat by the lake

For hours talking one night

When he finally told her about his wife

She was crushed;

Ran back to her stone temple

Cried herself to sleep

For many nights.


Months went by

When it finally occurred to her

This whole ‘relationship’ thing is just a game

A game

She was smart and beautiful enough

To play quite dangerously.


She learned men will tell you their weakness

In simple conversation

Then they will hide it

Like a child hiding a favorite toy.


A smile, a frown

A beautiful red gown

Flowing like a river to the sea.


Takes them in then makes them go

Like watching a very confused river flow

She knows this is all really for the best.


Crying tears

Enjoying fears

She relates it all to her broken heart.


Passion wanes

Love feigns

Then he’s left scratching his head for days.


Dangerous is a beauty with a weapon

Wonder what would happen if she’d kept him

Then forgets that thought as fast as it enters her head.


Life isn’t a mystery

Nor broken hearts history

They bleed for years within our shattered souls.


broken Angel




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