Never Once

Two drunks make a terrible mistake one night They decide to name her something obvious; Not to represent their demise Because neither is coherent enough to understand The true cost of this mistake.   She's thrust out into the world unknown Not quite young, but not quite grown With a chip on her shoulder all... Continue Reading →

Before Me

He stands before me As I've always wished But I know not what to do first. So he takes my hand Kisses me gently on the lips Then runs his hand down my ribs. I let out a light sigh as the touch of him Excites me to the point I want to rip his... Continue Reading →

Happy Alone

At first it is euphoric; The feeling of being completely alone. You jump on the bed Eat crackers in it Hog the entire thing Leave it unmade for a day Or three.   Then years go by You've done everything alone For years.   You begin to think there is something wrong with you That... Continue Reading →

What She Doesn’t Want

She doesn't want to hear that you'll miss her Wants to know why you won't stay. She doesn't want to hear the sound of your steps As you defiantly walk away.   She doesn't want to feel this bitter scorn Or hear how you pound at your chest. She wants to believe in a love... Continue Reading →


This feeling came over me today That I never got to tell you goodbye. We never had closure; We never talked about the end. My mind replayed things I had forgotten As I went to my email to ask how you were. When I sat there though Not quite sure of what to write, I... Continue Reading →

Blue Eyes Scan A Room

Blue eyes searching a room Always trying to find a way out Just in case. Everyone is laughing and talking But to blue eyes They are all dangerous This situation is dangerous People may want her attention Which some give away in spades But she refuses.   Always so terribly afraid He'll change his mind... Continue Reading →

That Was My Plan

Indecent proposals As I completely leaf through The air I was unable to breathe Because when he arrived He sucked it all out of the room.   Pangs of hunger take me over Like waves not quite reaching the shore But instead breaking before then Just enough to keep me wanting Yet satisfying nothing at... Continue Reading →

Afraid of the Light

For many years of my life I was afraid of the flame The fire that burns Because when you get too close It hurts.   Afraid of the light of God Because I knew it would change me And I was never quite sure I wanted to change.   Sitting in the dark recesses Wiping... Continue Reading →

Anyone That Ever Left You

She, the one you wrote about That didn't realize what she had Until something else Spent his days disappointing her. Another you don't talk about That walked away one night Left you standing there wondering What you could have possibly have done wrong. The woman that had your name Bore your children Then let it... Continue Reading →

Tonight She Will Get Drunk

There will be 364 nights of this year She can be your queen Answer all your questions Coherently. Tonight will not be one of those nights Tonight, she will get drunk.   Forces blow in from the West Ones she was never able to tame She'd say she had forgotten the score But she didn't... Continue Reading →

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