Under My Armor

“That was a gruesome battle”

I think to myself as I remove my clothing.

Step into the shower

To wash everyone’s blood off of me

But mine.


A battle fit for my dear Hades

Remembering all his forgotten ladies

I thought to remove the crown of thorns from my head.


Laying on the field are men

Solemn as they have ever been

Quiet in now in lieu of the storm that is me.


A sword, a dagger, a kill for fun

Much slower and painful than that of a gun

Nobody ever considered I liked the pain.


He came to me one shattered night

Told me I didn’t need to fight

He just wanted to know what was underneath my armor.


I told him I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve

Some women do, but I know you’ll leave

A quiet mess is a lady that knows her facts.


There are some that are so easy to get

You could almost win them in a bet

Yet all for show with nothing substantial within.


Crazy is this game of life

Where I’m supposed to want to be a wife

Yet no man likes a woman with a blade.


They say I’m held up with this huge ax

Yet nobody really has their facts

Within this warrior is a lady through and through.


A woman yearning for a gentle touch

A word to believe when it is said as such

A lady yearning to be delivered nothing but the truth.


You may never see a tender tear

Or even witness an irrational fear

A lady never tells all her secrets to anyone.


Not falling victim to the newest charmer

You won’t see what is under my armor

Unless you first test out the desires of the mind.


Witness firsthand the steps it takes

Leave the bullshit for the fakes

Be a man and do it right the first time.


Not wanting to be in foolish trances

You won’t get any second chances

There isn’t enough space left in my head for that.


Once stricken with his heart clutched

My heart finally ever touched

Now we begin the enduring dance of love.




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