A Shame In Darkness

Like proverbial man that watches you from across the room;

You don’t know whether to fuck him

Or kill him.

You know you could wrap your entire world

Around his

Then destroy him

Within a month.

Now where is the fun in that?


Shades of orange with hues of blue

The sky is night

Stars fill the atmosphere

But it doesn’t do anything to my mood.

The description of the amount of pain

Almost bored me to tears

As he rubbed his fingers around the rim of his beer

And sobbed quietly.

I rose quickly and told him that maybe

Just maybe…


She doesn’t want it soft

She wants it really hard

Wants you to let it out

Put down your angry guard.

She wants a real man

Not a little boy

She wants to be his everything

Not just a little toy.


Instead of standing and protesting

He continued rubbing his finger around the rim of his beer

Almost in direct protest of anything I said.

Some men are not ready for a woman

That has heard it all

Seen it all

And wants something a little different.


She wants you tall

Enough to fight

Yet man enough

To not always have to be right.

She wants your strength

To come from within

She wants to be your Queen

And your most delicious sin.


While explaining to me how he failed her

Almost describing how he didn’t do anything right

In any room of their house

He said there was a shame in darkness with her

Almost as if at night she became someone else.

Real men understand this

They know what a woman is capable of.


She’s a beast

A real treat

She’ll want to fuck

When you first meet.

But she’ll put it off

Because it’s not time

Yet taunt the hell out of you

Within a rhyme.

She wants you hard

Never flaccid

Always clinging

Ever placid.

She wants you deeply

Inside her head

But break a promise

And you’re as good as dead.


When he is done with his compaining

He thanks me for listening

Sits his beer down on the log

And walks away.


A man wouldn’t have left that there

A man wouldn’t leave her without him.




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