Nobody Tells The Truth

He is an idiot

A raging fucking ball of hormones

With a consistent amount of stupidity enough

To keep him uninteresting.

If you want someone grunting on top of you

Then two minutes later falling asleep

I can give you his number.


He slid right into first base

So I guess I thought I would toss the ball around

Just to see if he had the guts

To run the other bases.


He wrote me a note

Which surprised me

Not because of its content

But because I didn’t think he could write.


He slipped and fell one time

Instead of helping him up

I made him think I didn’t notice

Then he never heard from me again.


A car sped past at well over 100mph

I was jealous

Because the car was red

And mine was black.


Do you hear that sound?

It is the one people make when their bullshit

Is so convoluted in lies a deceit

Even they can’t figure out who they are.


Why do they do this to us?

Would we have not cared about who they really were

That they had to make up this elaborate lie

In order to make themselves more interesting?


Do people not realize

The bullshit they get on our shoes

Is so very easy

To wash away?


I stand in a thicket

Branches are growing around me

Am I simply taking up space

Or is there something about all this

That makes it important



Does getting absolutely wasted

Really solve any of your problems

Or does it simply make your pain go away

For a few hours?


Do you ever worry

During those few hours

You aren’t feeling pain

That you will make another bad decision?


It is your pain

To own

To console

To control.


There are people in my life

Whose demons play very well with my own

They sit and have tea

Talk about all the things they made us do.

While we as humans sit nicely

Talking about all the good things

We never did

Because we were too busy doing the bad shit

We insist on denying.


You ever read something

Then realize it made very little sense

Then think back on it

And realize it fit perfectly?


He kept driving past me in this car

While I stood still

Unable to move

Because of these thorns around me

Every time I would breathe

They would jab me

But I couldn’t stop

Because every time I did

He would remind me

I was alive.


Like living in a parallel universe

Where time doesn’t matter

Distance is relative

Feelings are placed in nicely sealed bag.


Universes collide

Lives are not changed

Because all of it, every single part

Is as untrue

As everything he told you last night

Just before he came.

Because everyone knows

That nobody tells the truth

When they are naked.


A tube of lipstick lays on my counter

As a huge reminder to me

That when things don’t come in handy for me

I like to ignore them.

Who are you ignoring right now?


Who are you making feel insignificant?

Who are you leaving in the reeds?

Is it a beautiful rose you once loved

Or one of those nasty little weeds?




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