Tonight She Will Get Drunk

There will be 364 nights of this year

She can be your queen

Answer all your questions


Tonight will not be one of those nights

Tonight, she will get drunk.


Forces blow in from the West

Ones she was never able to tame

She’d say she had forgotten the score

But she didn’t remember playing the game.


He taunts with innuendo

She was this terrible kid

But when at the stockyard

Is the weakest cow the one you bid?


A new horizon faces her

Yet the past keeps creeping in

An old ending she cannot forget

Yet a new one wants to begin.


A fight she doesn’t know how to win

A score she doesn’t know how to settle.

She’d like to run to the man she loves

But she is always willing to mettle.


Tonight she wants to forget all of it

Just concentrate on the new

But forces blew her back to the past

And off and away she flew.


When she looked around at the trash heap

It really, honestly stunk

So she took a drive to buy some wine

Because tonight, she will get drunk.



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