Anyone That Ever Left You

She, the one you wrote about

That didn’t realize what she had

Until something else

Spent his days disappointing her.

Another you don’t talk about

That walked away one night

Left you standing there wondering

What you could have possibly have done wrong.

The woman that had your name

Bore your children

Then let it all get so complicated

Even she wasn’t sure

What was up

And what was down.

Anyone that ever left you

Didn’t see what they had

A few of them will never realize

The treasure within you

What you would have given

Had they not strayed

Or gotten confused

Or just plain walked out.

Then you meet miss bitter

An angry jaded soul

Yet admittedly

There is no better woman to trust

With your heart and soul

Than one you know for certain

Wouldn’t give her heart away

Without severe penalty

Upon its return.

A woman that never

Let anything go

That didn’t have claw marks on it.

Do you think she would stray?

Since she know how it feels

To be betrayed?

Is she a bit more work?

Of course she is;

She is untrusting

She has been hurt

But she will never be

Anyone that ever left you    001f

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