That Was My Plan

Indecent proposals

As I completely leaf through

The air I was unable to breathe

Because when he arrived

He sucked it all out of the room.


Pangs of hunger take me over

Like waves not quite reaching the shore

But instead breaking before then

Just enough to keep me wanting

Yet satisfying nothing at all.


Holes bored into aching souls

To distract from ones already there

We pine for the ones that do us harm

And don’t believe those that never would.


They joke of honor;

He and his ilk.

They laugh at loyalty

As if they are children

Laughing at a word

Because they don’t understand

Its definition.


Once well bedded in

With the robust smell of sweat in the air

He leans over to me

“The only way out of this is death.”


Yes.. That was my plan.


bitch please

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