Blue Eyes Scan A Room

Blue eyes searching a room

Always trying to find a way out

Just in case.

Everyone is laughing and talking

But to blue eyes

They are all dangerous

This situation is dangerous

People may want her attention

Which some give away in spades

But she refuses.


Always so terribly afraid

He’ll change his mind

Then she will be left in this light

The only one of her kind.


Never reeling in a line she threw out

She graces floors with clean feet

So many reach out to touch her

But very few does she actually meet.


With the capacity for greatness

More love to give than she has ever received

He is the promise she has always hoped

If only he were believed.


Wounds all over her

Shaking, fearful, and mad

He seems to understand it all

Loves it all too, the good and the bad.


Sometimes while people are talking

She’ll get lost in a thought of him

Where moments get lost to life

She can always find them in a hymn.


Blue eyes scan a room

That he has brought her to

She seeks and exit

And there are plenty of them

But she doesn’t want to go anywhere

Not without him.



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