They Said

They say she cannot fight, she's a woman Because women aren't meant to be strong Yet she fights like a tiger, and always has Meant to be a fighter all along.   They said nobody would ever love her She wasn't ever meant for that kind of song Today is finally her chance To prove... Continue Reading →

Do Not Venture Far

What we were given Is all we are left with When chips fall When everything falls.   From the cradle to the grave She fought diligently For justice Though didn't completely understand why. Nor did she completely understand What justice was Whom it was that really served it Or why it meant everything to her.... Continue Reading →

I Felt You

I felt your nudge this morning As I was dressing Prompting me along Whispering "There are things I need you to hear."   I felt your touch When I closed my eyes Listened to the music The beautiful music That pounded the room.   I felt your hand on my shoulder As I had to... Continue Reading →

I Fell

I fell for the only voice I could hear When walking away from something that didn't serve me Something I couldn't quite swallow But was swallowing me. The voice Made promises but never kept one Not once. Changed the place he worked What he did As often as the weather. Called only to sooth a... Continue Reading →

Black Magic

We are the women And men Of the night. Carrying potions with us Telling you "This one will undoubtedly cure you." It is your choice to trust that Or not.   Two children playing innocently When the boy finds an herb Raises his eyebrow at her "Let's try this" They both run off laughing.  ... Continue Reading →

Back To Life

He saw me laying there Lifeless Not breathing Nor moving. He put life into me His breath, Our dreams.   When I came back to life I came up swinging; He calmed me, Let me know everything Was alright.   Every now and then I remember dying Remember what put me there Forget he is... Continue Reading →


There are moments of complete clarity Mixed with moments I am clearly not thinking straight. Sometimes while sitting and thinking of nothing My head begins to question everything.   Sometimes I wish I could just believe Nearly blindly, but everything everything you say. Sometimes I wish nothing had ever happened But then we'd expect everything... Continue Reading →

Your Last Breath

Chains around our bodies We are hardly even able to touch But we do.   Our souls dance every night Together in a beautiful dance Only they know.   My hair touches your face And you know it is me Because of my smell.   Whispers sent in darkness I need your warm grasp Tonight.... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Wife

She did everything exceptionally well As well as completely by the book. She darned his socks Gracious to his mother Screwed him blind every night Cooked excellent meals Cleaned up after him Worked all day long. So when the hammer fell Crashing her world completely apart She was left wondering What the hell she did... Continue Reading →


Feeling like the partially tamed Wild animal That sometimes strikes out Randomly At least seemingly so. Yet every time I do He comforts me Lets me know that I have nothing to fear Then carries on about his day.   Wrapped within his love Sometimes I feel So undeserving.      

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