You Can Tell Her Anything

A fork, a knife, a spoon to taste

Nothing on this table to waste

We all know it isn’t kind to let the table sit.


I was angry because of who I’d become

Angry, jaded, and full of rum

Nothing beats a woman with a grudge.


Then she meets a man with integrity

We were high in trust and had chemistry

A mix you know will last for life.


I told him you can tell her anything

Just don’t leave her dangling on a string

The one she’s been on most of her adult life.


She dangles most precariously

Lives through love vicariously

Yet follows traditions she never knew she had.


Within her is a timid one

Knowing joy and full of fun

You wouldn’t know to see her in the past.


Life took its angry course

She was lost by bitter force

Now she wants to turn it all around.


He, her shadow when she needs rest

Tells her daily she’s the best

That has ever happened in his fast paced life.


Now she smiles instead of feeling pain

Her anger, her sense of betrayal did wane

Now everything is beginning to look up.


The castle is there, nothing changed

Just the future is rearranged

She still has the protection, just doesn’t need it.


One day the wind blew by

She thought of it, nearly made her cry

But now she has him to take it all away.


The sin of where she came

Doesn’t matter when you look up her name

And find out her third means “resurrection.”


You can tell this woman anything

To his heart she will always cling

For he saved her from this castle built of fear.



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