The Answer

How do you forgive someone that hurt you

So badly, and for so long?


How do you mend a relationship

That seemingly fell apart

Out of nowhere?


How do you forgive yourself

For making the terrible mistake

Of trusting someone

That hurt you terribly?


How do you open a book again

After it has been said to you

It contains lies

Or that so many

Don’t believe it?


How do you go to a church again

That you believe wronged you?


How do you find the strength again

To walk

When they have told you

It is impossible?


How do you find it within you

To provide for a family

That you don’t believe

Respects you

And all you do?


How do you forgive a God

That you believe

Took someone

Far earlier

Than you had hoped?


How do you find yourself

When it doesn’t seem to matter

To anyone

That you are lost?


How do you find faith in humanity

When you see on the news

Every day

How terrible it is?


What is the answer

To all of these and more?







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