He said “I’ve never beat her”

But he lies

He knows no truth.

She’s a woman that walked a path

Most of us try to avoid.

Then she listened to his lies

His excuses

All the pathetic excuses

For his abuse.

One day she will turn the tables

He will be on the wrong end

Of a woman tired of being his victim

Then he will cry like a baby

Blame her for all of it

And she will the know the truth;

His pathetic existance

Is not her responsibility.


A frightened child

Goes to bed every night


From the abuse her parents gave her

All day long.

Her mind reels

At all the terrible things

She has been called

From the two people

That mean everything to her.

She thinks every family is like this;

And wonders how some children still smile.

When she is old enough

She runs away

Leaving no note.

Drugs gave her the feeling

The absolute escape from reality

She required

To survive years

Of abuse.


He was a mistake

From an affair

That nobody wanted.

Thrust into a home with a woman

That found pleasure in his hurt.

When he grows up

He meets with that anger

And sees that woman

In every female face he sees.

Every time a woman says she loves him

He waits to hear the ridicule

He knows will come after that.

His heart pounds and races

Every time he can strike out

On past abuse.


How do you expect to stop abuse

When you keep raising abusers?




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