The Perfect Wife

She did everything exceptionally well

As well as completely by the book.

She darned his socks

Gracious to his mother

Screwed him blind every night

Cooked excellent meals

Cleaned up after him

Worked all day long.

So when the hammer fell

Crashing her world completely apart

She was left wondering

What the hell she did so wrong?


Someone should have told her it hurts

Someone should have warned her it fails

Someone should have mentioned the cost of perfection

Is a coffin with a ton of nails.


Someone should have showed her the difference

Someone should have lifted the curse

Someone should have told her the perfect wife

Is something only written in verse.


Now she stands alone and barren

For he took everything he could from her

Flaunts a new woman around town

While she sits staring at these pieces of paper

That ripped her life apart.

Now medication for depression

And God

Are the only two things keeping her together.


Someone should have told her the rules

That to men, there are none

When the grass seems greener off they will stray

But hey, they’ll load your gun.


Someone should have warned her of the hurt

The cost of it all falling apart

To always let your head overrule

What begins within your heart.


Now consumed with grief

And an almost uncontrollable urge for revenge

She sits alone every night wondering if maybe

She just didn’t deserve to be happy?

Or maybe, her children didn’t deserve a father?

Next time maybe she’ll do it differently

Doubt just a little bit more

People will talk about how jaded she is

But they didn’t have to pay what she did

So they don’t know the cost

Of falling

From what you thought was heaven

Back to the real world again.


~ For my dear friend M.B.~


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