There are moments of complete clarity

Mixed with moments I am clearly not thinking straight.

Sometimes while sitting and thinking of nothing

My head begins to question everything.


Sometimes I wish I could just believe

Nearly blindly, but everything everything you say.

Sometimes I wish nothing had ever happened

But then we’d expect everything to go our way.


Life is so complicated

And experience comes with a price.

What within me I’ve revealed to you

Even this significant vice.


Over-thinking and too much worry

Put a strain on my mental state

Though trust me when I say to you

I’ve begun ‘us’ with a clean slate.


Sometimes I sit and close my eyes

Think of sitting with you having coffee

Neither of us thinking of anything in particular

Just enjoying the moment;

For once.


Trying to bring the pieces of me I lost

Back together to give them to you.

I want to show you every facet of me

Because this is all so new.


Shades of what I am come out

Some are just not very nice

I’ feel betrayed over nothing at all

And you, always pay the price.


Now as we forge forward today

I know you will take heed

When I lower the boom and hold my breath

Remember old wounds still bleed.


Sometimes it takes a gentle hand

To tame what seems so harsh.

It takes a love from a strong man

To heal the hurt

Of many.


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