Do Not Venture Far

What we were given

Is all we are left with

When chips fall

When everything falls.


From the cradle to the grave

She fought diligently

For justice

Though didn’t completely understand why.

Nor did she completely understand

What justice was

Whom it was that really served it

Or why it meant everything to her.


Some believe that from the moment of conception

You are given a task

With a certain limited amount of time to complete

Or you will simply die

With your deed undone.


He stands in line

Impatiently waiting for his ‘fix’

This magical item he believes will fix everything.

He leaves himself so ungaurded

Because he only sees the ‘right now’

He’s always only seen the ‘right now.’

Last night he was kept up late

Arguing with a woman he once loved

Every time she was on the verge of walking out

He would beg her to stay.

The thought of her leaving

Was devastating.


So many broken people

Yet somehow we manage to convince ourselves

That our broken

Is so very different

From someone else.


There is a sink full of dishes undone

Her shoes don’t fit quite right

There is something unsettling about her demeaner

But she won’t divulge that tonight.


There are clothes thrown on the floor in her house

The bed us left unmade

She’ll tell you the story of how she lost her will

But you’ll never hear her say she is afraid.


Children play in a courtyard

It reminds her of the past

When life took such violent turns

With no anchor, nor cast.


She fumbles with keys to a car she hates

Drives to an empty lot

I’d say you should probably go talk to her

But then again, maybe not.


She closes her eyes to hear the sounds

She loves the sound of quiet.

Then all of a sudden, within her soul

Her demons start to riot.


Meeting with a friend for lunch

She tries to keep them at bay.

When everything tells her she should run

Is when she knows she should stay.


She greets the night with a passion

Then heads back to that old car

A still small voice inside her whispers

“You may go, but do not venture far.”



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