They Said

They say she cannot fight, she’s a woman

Because women aren’t meant to be strong

Yet she fights like a tiger, and always has

Meant to be a fighter all along.


They said nobody would ever love her

She wasn’t ever meant for that kind of song

Today is finally her chance

To prove all of them wrong.


They said she was nothing but a waste of time

A moment where protection failed

A singular obstruction in the lives of fools

Yet in their little world they are hailed.


They said nobody would read her words

They would fall to the Earth unread.

That nobody would want to read the careless dribble

Of a woman they all wished were dead.


Yet hundreds have done what they said would not

And many leave an applause

She stands for the many without a voice

She stands for a worthy cause.


They thought she would care what they said

But her ears were closed to the lies.

Words of hate, when carelessly delivered

Are like the shit that only attracts flies.



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