Silent Storm

You hear the sound of the drums in the distance.. They are beating a tune that seems so familiar to you, yet you cannot place it. You can feel this beat in your chest as you come closer to the drummer.. Fire shoots from an empty pit It reminds you that hope is alive Fire... Continue Reading →

I Let Her Die

When he said To let it go I knew it was time I've been too slow.   Little blue eyes With very short brown hair When I closed my eyes I saw her standing there.   All alone So afraid Guilty as hell Of all the sins someone else made.   I let her die... Continue Reading →

He Is My Home

Don't confuse my words with my heart; I am his, totally and completely.   Today I saw a photograph of him After a haircut And I smiled Because right there In that little frame Void of a smile With the frustration of dealing with me Seen on his face Is my home.   He is... Continue Reading →

There are times

There are times when I have drank So very much I've forgotten who I was Where I came from And everything About my past. Strange thing about that I always woke up Being me With the same shit I was hiding from Right behind me.

Did You?

Did you ever want to fix a girl? Turn around and want to change her world? Maybe she doesn't know how Maybe her past has clouded her 'now' She never really feels at peace Because her anger she never felt release.   Did you ever want to just reach out Found her angry and foreboding... Continue Reading →


First you sit down with your demonsWrite it all out for the crowdIt helps if you have an audienceWhile you tell your story out loud. The sins of the demons lay silentThey always want it that way.You have to sort them out in your headThen put it all away. Cry it out all to your peersOn that... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do?

What do you do with a broken heart? When of all the times you lost you don't know how to start? When fixing the life you broke seems unreasonable at best? What do you do when it all falls down? When you begin to feel like there's no one around That understands what you are... Continue Reading →

This Kind Of Love

When the sound of my voice Takes him to places He's never been before. When the moment he begins to whisper to me And he realizes He never wants to whisper to anyone else. When the love he has in his heart He couldn't even begin to express If he tried every day, forever. When... Continue Reading →

He Found Me

He found me lost So unaware Told me this was all he had; Then showed me how to care.   He found me scared So very mad Unwilling to give up the battle His love was all I had.   He found a soul Abused and crushed Fighting for no reason at all For a... Continue Reading →

You Didn’t Follow Me Home

You didn't follow me home that evening You didn't care if I left There wasn't a moment I clamored for thoughts That you didn't leave me bereft.   You didn't carry me home that evening Didn't watch as I fell You always stay just out of reach Maybe to forgo some hell?   You didn't... Continue Reading →

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