Their Version of Reality

I completely ruined

Their version of reality

With the truth.


Firstly, she was a product

Of what was a momentary lapse

She twisted version of events in her mind

Until her lies and truth collapse.


Nobody believed her stories

Everyone just rolled their eyes

They knew if she was speaking

It was probably nothing but lies.


Yet somehow this woman lays dead

And they’ve decided she was a saint

An angel that came from heaven

And I’m here saying she aint.


She was a tool used for propogating

Subjecting herself to sin

A reprehensible woman that never found love

In fact, she didn’t know where to begin.


So when they sit with you and tell you about her

What a wonderful mother she was

Please remember she never raised a child

Just try to ignore the ignorant buzz.


She was lost, lonely, and afraid of it all

Hated men more than anything

Had more marriages than we could count

Yet never kept the ring.


Their version of reality is fine

Just don’t expect me to live there

I’d rather be right out here in the sun

Trying to avoid the glare.

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