Embers still sit in a fire

That yesterday

Had raged

Nearly out of control.


They sit by this fire

These two

Solitary souls

He, wanting her more than anything

She, just wanting to know the truth.


Without loyalty

There is no love

Without devotion

There cannot be forever.



What is exactly is his definition

Of forever?


Until the right one turns his head?

Or is it really


Until the day he dies

And beyond?


She wonders why he sits

Without asking how long

Without inquiring about her decision

To let him



He wonders when they will eat

If she will put another stick on the fire

Or will they sit here

When it gets dark?


After days of this

She finally realizes

He hasn’t moved

Nothing has changed his mind.


So they sit for a minute

Holding hands

Talking about the future

They will build together

With their own two hands.



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