You’ll Forget

Did you hear them say it stops hurting?

That if you just walk away from her

Eventually, with some time,

It will all just go away?


You’ll forget the way she talked

The way she mispronounced your mothers name

Which you knew was on purpose

But never said anything.


You’ll forget the night you spent talking

Until the sun came up the next day

Then she told you she wanted to go fishing

And both of you fell asleep that afternoon in your truck.


You’ll forget she moved so far away

From everything she knew

Because she wanted to be with you

Started a new life

In a new place

By your side.


You’ll forget that time you lost your ring

While swimming

So she threw hers in the water too

So they could both be lost



You’ll forget nervously asking her to marry you

Because you couldn’t imagine spending a day without her

And she said so many times

How cool it would be

If she had your last name.


You’ll forget all about how you loved her.




Today just isn’t that day.



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