Old Times

A fire, a beer, and memories

Two old friends talking about the past

Remembering everything yet not completely

One or the other has to finish the story.

Lightening off in the distance

Reminds them of the time they hid in the forest

Waiting for the storm to pass

So they could run home.


Laughing, they share a story

Of two innocent children

Pulled in two very different directions in life.

One, too afraid to succeed

Because he had been told he was a failure

So many times

He believed it.

The other so obstinant

Nothing could stop him

From climbing the proverbial ladder

All the way to the top.


The one that risked failure

Never saw it.

The one afraid of it

Beat himself with it

Every chance he got.


One asks the other

“How did we go so astray?

We were supposed to change the world.”

One thinking it is too late to do so

The other, on this night, found the courage

To do just that.



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