This Kind Of Love

When the sound of my voice

Takes him to places

He’s never been before.

When the moment he begins to whisper to me

And he realizes

He never wants to whisper to anyone else.

When the love he has in his heart

He couldn’t even begin to express

If he tried every day, forever.

When his ache for me is so great

He would give anything

Absolutely anything

To be with me right then.

When he finally gets to touch me

He doesn’t simply touch skin

He’s touching me all the way to my soul.

When he makes love to me

He isn’t simply making love to a body

He’s making love to every single part of me.

When he removes the past from me

All the nasty parts I hate

Because he is so wonderful.

When he has to tell me 10,000 times

The same thing

The same




And Over


Yet he never mentions that fact.

Anyone can have mundane

Anyone can have mediocre

If it isn’t the greatest love we’ve ever had

Then why bother with it?


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