First you sit down with your demons

Write it all out for the crowd

It helps if you have an audience

While you tell your story out loud.


The sins of the demons lay silent

They always want it that way.

You have to sort them out in your head

Then put it all away.


Cry it out all to your peers

On that day

It is time to go to a higher power

And forgive, you must pray.


Set that speech on fire

Watch it as it turns to ash

Walk away from the past

It is better than throwing it in the trash.


Walk away from that pain and anger

Walk away from your tormented past.

This will be just one little test

But it certainly won’t be your last.


The enemy likes to taunt you

He does it to all of us sometimes.

The key is to recognize his temptations

To convict him of his crimes.


Shut down his opportunity

Tell him you let it all go

You don’t need the demons around

You’re not longer in their show.



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