Did You?

Did you ever want to fix a girl?

Turn around and want to change her world?

Maybe she doesn’t know how

Maybe her past has clouded her ‘now’

She never really feels at peace

Because her anger she never felt release.


Did you ever want to just reach out

Found her angry and foreboding pout

Maybe she’s just a little girl

Lost in this great big world?


Maybe she just really needs you now

Not reality, but your love somehow..

The feelings you could tell her today

You never know, just may make her day.


Did you ever think to talk to her?

Rub her hand like you were holding fur?

Touch her heart like no one else could?

Stand by her side like nobody else would?


Did you think maybe she needed you

When her life fell apart and her world turned blue?

Did you think maybe to not hang up this time?

To let her sit and ramble into a simple rhyme?


Did you really not think this through?

A broken woman may actually want you

Yet never really know how to deal..


Did you think maybe she needed your love?

Or to believe in something that came from above?

Did you not think for once that she deserved the truth?

Did you not want her to know the real you?


Maybe this time she just gives up on life

Becomes so angry and full of strife

Nobody will ever even think to look at her again.


Did you not think?




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