I Let Her Die

When he said

To let it go

I knew it was time

I’ve been too slow.


Little blue eyes

With very short brown hair

When I closed my eyes

I saw her standing there.


All alone

So afraid

Guilty as hell

Of all the sins someone else made.


I let her die today

Just walk away

She doesn’t need my protection anymore

Doesn’t want me to guard her way.


Sometimes we think we are standing up for someone

But they are gone

They died a long time ago;

Someone new now stands there instead.

We have to realize

What was

That little girl

She’s now dead.


She took his hand

And turned around

I cried, but not alone

As my knees hit the ground.


She was me

So long ago

Abandoned and forsaken

With nowhere left to go.


So I spent a life

Protecting her

Fighting at my inner core

No matter where we were.


I let her go today

I let her die

Told her I couldn’t fight anymore

Then I told her why.


Today I walked away from her

I told her she was fine

There was never anything wrong with her

That she was beautiful

She was wanted

She was never alone

But I couldn’t fight for her anymore,

Because nothing I could ever do

Would ever take anything back.


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