Silent Storm

You hear the sound of the drums in the distance.. They are beating a tune that seems so familiar to you, yet you cannot place it. You can feel this beat in your chest as you come closer to the drummer..

Fire shoots from an empty pit

It reminds you that hope is alive

Fire breathes anger when fueled by hate

And eats when we all arrive.


Subdue the child and let it reighn

You must let the dominance win

Show your vein to this subservient troll

Then let the games begin.


I sat on my knees in front of him

Begging for my life and blood

He promised a chain with a little gold

It was as if I was swimming.. In mud.


This hasty moment cost me much

As I closed the fire with a wick

He better have something at the end of this

That is grander than his little dick.


Words are empty promises

Like shells laid on a beach

Every time I want someone

He lies significantly out of reach.


If I wanted to be taken by a little cork

I would order a bottle of wine

He asks me how I’m doing every day

And fucking boring is the answer “I’m Fine”


What in the hell are you doing in Spain

When I have called you here to me?

You stand at the paining in front of your face

But still, you do not see.


Are you a conqueror  or demon?

Maybe a baboon in disguise?

He thinks maybe talking to me is nice

But fucking would be a nice surprise.


I kneel at the foot at the man

That conquered an angry soul

He didn’t bother with the intricacies

He saw a fucking diamond in this coal.


A woman laid in waste on time

Waiting for her steed

The problem lies in aftermath

When she cannot cook; she cannot feed.


Do you silly little boys still play

Pretend with your heart away?

Ladies know your playing around

And they will never, ever stay.


There is a silent storm within me

I’ll fight with all my life.

You may take to bed the danger

But I want to be his wife.


The drums beat faster as you get closer, and your heart is pounding in your chest. Are you afraid like a little boy, or do you man up and take the woman and tell her she is yours?



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