I Wanted Him

I woke in the middle of the night Wanting him Terribly. Wanting to feel his touch Hear his voice Or better yet, Have every part of him On every part of me.   None of those things were going to happen Because of where we are Where he is.   Yet logic had no place... Continue Reading →

Mend Then Heal Others

Tonight I pray For every man struggling with depression For every woman That has ever been victimized. I pray for peace in your soul Hope that you will see the other side of this storm. That you will see there is a safe harbor Where you can land Feel the sand under your feet And... Continue Reading →

Old Times

A fire, a beer, and memories Two old friends talking about the past Remembering everything yet not completely One or the other has to finish the story. Lightening off in the distance Reminds them of the time they hid in the forest Waiting for the storm to pass So they could run home.   Laughing,... Continue Reading →

She Won’t Win This

The mother everyone wanted Beautiful and fit Could bake cookies While removing gum From your sisters hair. She took care of your grandparents When they both passed away. She sat and listened to you for hours Talk about everything And encouraged you to keep talking Which led you to the career you have now.  ... Continue Reading →

One Tiny Little Detail

It was an obscure little detail He may have forgotten to mention Like when someone is selling a house They conveniently forget to tell you about the leak But this one, this one could have changed the course of history It would have made her think twice About ever stepping foot into his life.  ... Continue Reading →

Life Happened

A swirl of dust on the land Just a little more than I planned A wish in a well A long, yet delicious spell And the world that suddenly turned green.   A frog laid up on a pad Life altering something so sad A tornado that endures to the end A tree that breaks,... Continue Reading →

I Forgot Who I Was

Slowly I walk a path Taking no notice to anything around me I just want to get this over with Please just let this go quickly.   I come to a clearing where I can sit A familiar, yet unknown person comes to me For a little while I get to forget who I am... Continue Reading →

He Called

It was so late when he called I thought it was someone else So I just answered When I heard his voice The world stopped.   He called to say he's sorry It was all just a little too late What I thought and what we had Was never worth the wait.   It was... Continue Reading →

You’ll Forget

Did you hear them say it stops hurting? That if you just walk away from her Eventually, with some time, It will all just go away?   You'll forget the way she talked The way she mispronounced your mothers name Which you knew was on purpose But never said anything.   You'll forget the night... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Miss Me

Quietly, with malicious intent A high regard for indecency A low fuse burns silently Insidious cries heard But were never seen.   He would have been A great canidate For everlasting love Many many years Before he met me.   The putrid smell He casts out Is typically only mediated By the fact you want... Continue Reading →

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