You Can Stop Punching Me

The jokes you make About family reunions That you know I cannot attend Because birth Nor the terrible cost of fate Made a family for me.   The sister you let come over The one I remember abusing me The one that cost me My childhood. Manipulated all her children To hate me For no... Continue Reading →

Can You Paint Me A Picture?

We don't know one another very well But can you do me a favor? Can you paint me a picture Of a wonderful family With a woman that took the time To have, and raise me? Can you make them smiling Because they have nothing but joy in their lives? Standing together Like nothing could... Continue Reading →

He Gives

Weekly, if not more He gives what he can Constantly something Never asking for anything In return. Baffled, she takes it Relishes it Breathes in finally getting things Instead of constantly getting them taken.   He, the warm breath against her skin A voice she knows anywhere Yet a seemingly subtle doubt steals the show.... Continue Reading →

Sweet Revenge

I apply claws to my hands Forgetting the past won’t happen. There are other victims out there And I plan to find them. My sword is sheathed by my waist My eyes burn an amber red. Ladies that don’t prepare for battle Typically end up dead. I leave a few things at home Won’t need... Continue Reading →

Time to Let Go

The rope is fraying; One you have held onto for years, That keeps you tied to the past Therefore regretting everything That happened to you from that point on. You fumble for it Claim there is nothing wrong with it When people point it out But you will die If you hang onto that rope... Continue Reading →

Never Let Go

We decided on a private location Not close to where either of us lived So we would have no distraction at all. Phones were turned off We had no computers There was simply he And I.   Lace suited him best So we put it to the test But honestly, it didn't last for very... Continue Reading →

Do Everything Alone

Mind over matter doesn't get you anywhere Met with a little comfort for flair Then seemingly driving the car seems like a chore. Sentences being with a matter of fact Lacking even a little tact Because I believe people need to hear the truth. A sudden whiplash in a little discourse Finding a shovel instead... Continue Reading →

Tell Me

Instead of sounding all tough Or like nothing gets to you; Whisper to me your thoughts Desires. Tell me how you want me Where you want me How badly. Whisper to me your wants How I can fulfill them And I will.   Tell me how much you love me Miss me Want me Let... Continue Reading →

When She Feels

When she writes you out of the blue It's because you've crossed her mind And she wants you to know it. When she wants you to hold her tightly It's because someone made her feel unsafe; You are her rock. When she tells you she loves you She is saying it with everything she has... Continue Reading →

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