Has He Felt That Yet?

The very last acorn on the tree;

The one that refuses to drop

Too high to climb to

So it sits there on the limb

Almost taunting you.


It has never been a mystery to me

I’ve never liked nuts much anyway

I like cool, calm, collected

Reserved, but not to me.


I’ve never been good at pining

I’ve never chased after anything in my life

“All things come in due time”

Has always been my credo.


Whomever made it so one man

Typically the most worthless of them all

The most sought after

Obviously didn’t take notice

That those of us can actually think

Could care less of them.


Every once in a while one tricks us

He gets through the armor we protect ourselves with

And does more damage to you

Than you even realize.

Then he leaves

And you wonder

“How in the hell did he get in here?”


I forgive with the amount of ferver

Given to anything.


Yet every time I hold this doll in my hand

Jabbing it over and over in all parts of it

With a raised brow I ask

You think he has felt that yet?”


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