Alliances II

A good friend and I were talking about our ‘old poetry’ today, so I want to do something a bit different tonight. This poem was originally written by me on 10/7/2012. I changed it up a bit, added some things, and took some things away. I hope you enjoy it.

There is a woman out there somewhere
That doesn’t know how to deal.
The truth eludes her inner soul
She has forgotten how to feel.

The man that stole her heart away
Now carries a difficult chore.
Whether to let her go with dignity
Or give his heart to a whore.

For anyone with morality
It would be an easy choice.
For him it is very difficult
He doesn’t have that voice.

The little one inside his head
That tells him right and wrong.
He’s lost it in his lust for life
Besides, he’s not that strong.

Finally he lets go of her
Releases her to be free.
She takes the chance to run away
I was happy it wasn’t me.

She turns into a butterfly
After she left the cocoon.
Forming alliances with good men
She will find again soon.

Yet always there is a reminder
The life she had before.
She wonders with each and every man
If he will leave her for a whore.


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