Do Everything Alone

Mind over matter doesn’t get you anywhere

Met with a little comfort for flair

Then seemingly driving the car seems like a chore.

Sentences being with a matter of fact

Lacking even a little tact

Because I believe people need to hear the truth.

A sudden whiplash in a little discourse

Finding a shovel instead of a horse

Meets with expectations you don’t understand.

“You’re a terrific mother and why you so blue?”

“What is the truth about him and you?”

Will everyone stop trying to analyze my mistakes?

“Are you still single and all alone?”

“Why don’t you try to answer your phone?”

“Can’t you tell there are so many trying to talk to you?”

Busting my ass trying to fix all this life

Forgetting then worrying I’m not doing it right

A reminder comes from very close to home.

Going this way and that way too

Thinking of him, and not ever of you

A single grain of sand that changed my life.

I could spend days telling you what I’ve done alone

From walking to dining to dreaming of Rome

All in the name of my perfect insanity.

Years I’ve wasted being angry at one

Waiting for something that can never be done

Revenge isn’t for the people like you and me.

Tonight I’ll spend another night with me

Dreaming of what may never be

But for everything I have I want it now.

Do I not deserve even the simplest of things?

A touch, a kiss, a man with wings

That comes to me whenever I say his name?

You’ll never see it coming, what I have thrown

The next time you tell me it’s good I’m alone

Because I believe everyone deserves love.



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