Permettez-moi d’être libre (Let Me Be Free)

A second chance

A fresh start

I can feel the winds of change.

Born in a monstrous country

That won’t allow me an education

Forces me to marry young

Or is war ridden.

One promise

From a stranger;

I could live in another country

Be free of the torment

Free of the pain

Of watching my entire family die

Or worse.


Knowing how this country must feel

Thinking immigrants are such terrible things

But I only want

What you took for granted

Your entire life.


An education









I won’t take any of that away from you

I just want it so badly for myself

My children

Their children.


They take my families entire life savings

My parents stand there in tears;

Happy for me

But sad for the loss of me too.


They tell me to meet them

Then push me into this trailer

Tell us all to be quiet

So we are not caught.


I sob quietly on the trip

Already missing home

But excited about the new life

I can have in this other country.


When I look around the trailer

I see darkness

I hear nothing

Our trip

Has ended

Our lives.


Dedicated to the 71 lives lost in Austria, as well as the thousands that have been lost trying to immigrate to a better life. Du bist nicht vergessen!



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